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Welcome To BFit

Experience the future of fitness: Elevate your training with cutting-edge technology, unleashing your full potential for unmatched results!


We understand the challenges that individuals face when navigating the world of fitness and nutrition. That's why our AI fitness app takes the complexity out of the equation. No more sifting through endless articles or feeling lost in the sea of conflicting advice. Our app serves as your virtual fitness companion, guiding you every step of the way with clear and concise instructions.

Why choose BFit?

We prioritize your unique journey towards a healthier lifestyle! Gone are the days of generic workout plans that fail to consider your individual requirements. Bfit takes into account your body type, fitness goals, and even time constraints, ensuring that every exercise and routine is optimized for maximum effectiveness.

Product Features

Experience a fitness revolution with our cutting edge app features!

Gamified Systems

Leaderboards, scoreboards, badges, and achievements

AI Personal Trainer

Adjusted workouts and diets, and an algorithm that works how the user works

Article Writing

Knowledge-base full of expert information for you to be informed on your fitness journey

Locational Services

Find gyms and other BFit users near you, helping you find spotters and gym partners

Our Team

Meet our dedicated team!


Marcos Morales

Chief Executive Officer

Data Science graduate at Bloom Institute of Technology, Marcos Morales has been working with ML and AI for over five years. Starting out as a amateur bodybuilder, fitness and health has always been a large passion topic for him. Now, he wants to make fitness journeys affordable and fun for the public.


Utsavi Joshi

Chief Operating Officer

Utsavi Joshi is a fitness enthusiast with an entrepreneurial spirit. With a Bachelors of Science in Management, minors in Chinese and entrepreneurship, and a passion for health and wellness, Utsavi brings a unique set of skills to her role. Committed to leveraging technology to enhance the fitness experience, she is dedicated to providing users with an exceptional journey through BFit.


Mollee Priddy

Chief Marketing Officer

Mollee Priddy has two years of Personal training experience and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Entrepreneurship. When starting her fitness career, she noticed the challenge of making training affordable and accessible to all; in turn, she made it a goal of hers to make everyone's fitness goal easily attainable and fun!


Kevin Han

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin (WooJin) Han is a software developer, responsible for mobile application and backend development. From his web development experience, he wants to build an AI workout app to offer a fun and exciting exercise journey.


Jose Hernandez

Chief Financial Officer

Jose Hernandez serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Bfit, where he works, the financial projects and analysis of the company. He is currently studying Finance at Trinity University, and is using the knowledge that he gained through working in Financial Firms.


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Stay tuned for the launch of BFit later this year and join us in experiencing the future of fitness!

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Stay tuned and support BFit as the Louis H. Stumberg New Venture Competition Finals approach and we compete for the grand prize of $25,000!



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